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What I am trying to do?

  • create object with door in blender
  • create animation "open" and "close" (reversed animation) for the door
  • export the model + animation
  • load the model + animation in three.js
  • play animation "open" or "close" just by using their names

Where I am at?

I created a blender project which you can get here In that project I managed to create an action "open" and to export it through three.js exporter

What is my problem?

I tried to create a second action "close", but I can't find a way to export both.

So my questions are, is it possible to have an action and its reverse stored in blender and exporter for three.js? Am I going the wrong way? Is there a better solution to do that?

here is the exported js file.


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Unfortunately it seems at the moment you can't have a single export with multiple animations. See https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues/2899.

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