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i'm attempting to gain access to my own gmail account via a sinatra app i'm building. i'm sending a request to the google api in the form of

and after I authorize the app via google's web interface, i'm getting what appears to be a correct callback to my own sinatra app. I'm unclear what I do next in this process. what i'm getting from the google auth system looks like


I'm then attempting to use the xoauth gem to then query google for information about my account, ie, My hope is that the xxxxxx.yyyy string above corresponds in some way to value of :token as written in the xoauth gem documentation. when I run a local script to check if things are working correctly, i'm getting a Invalid credentials (Failure) (Net::IMAP::NoResponseError)

the documentation i'm using to understand the oauth process is

i don't think i'm handling the callback correctly or either i'm misinterpreting what it is.


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Google has only added support for OAuth 2 authorization for GMail IMAP/SMTP recently. The library you are using however does not support this yet.

So your options are:

  • Improving the library yourself (would be my recommendation)
  • Waiting for the library to update
  • Falling back to the already deprecated OAuth 1
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