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I am a beginner in nopCommerce 2.30. There is no Fileupload Control version 2.30.

I want to use Fileupload Control in nopCommerce 2.30. Last day I download the

nopCommerce 2.65. Fileupload Control avilable in nopCommerce 2.65. I changes the

source code 2.30 for implement FileUpload control (reference on 2.6).

Fileupload control rendered succssfully in browser.

enter image description here

but when I upload a file it's shown a erroe message Please see the Images.

enter image description here

I and include the UpdateFileProductAttribute function in ShoppingCartController in

nopCommerce 2.30 and debug the entire code. Class CatalogSettings In

FileUploadMaximumSizeBytes Property is always 0. Please see the image enter image description here

And I add the case AttributeControlType.FileUpload: in AddToCartProduct function

in the CatalogController. but this.Request.Files is null. Please see the Image. enter image description here

Is it possible to implement in Fileupload control in nopCommerce 2.30 ?

Please Help

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You're almost here. Go to admin area > configuration > all settings. Set value of CatalogSettings.FileUploadMaximumSizeBytes to 204800 (maximum file size in bytes). If the setting does not exist, create it.

P.S. Do not forget to add locales (such as ShoppingCart.MaximumUploadedFileSize)

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Why not go to nopCommerce 2.65?

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Thanks. The existing application in nopCommerce 2.30. I need to implement Fileupload Control in nopCommerce 2.30. Is it possible. –  Ragesh Puthiyedath Sep 14 '12 at 5:35
Yes. But if FileUploadMaximumSizeBytes is always 0 it is necessarily impossible to upload a file. By default the value is 204,800. –  Grégoire Chaignon Sep 14 '12 at 7:50
Thank you for your valueable replay.I debug the code frequantly, I find the FileUploadMaximumSizeBytes is save in the Database ( in nopCommerce 2.65). I create new record in database ( in nopCommerce 2.30 ) "Settings" table create new field name = catalogsettings.fileuploadmaximumsizebytes and value = 204800. Now the property shows 204800 value. –  Ragesh Puthiyedath Sep 14 '12 at 8:35

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