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Suppose I have following Class - structure ?

class A{
List<B> listB;
//getter and setter
class B{
String s;
//getter and setter
//objectOfA has listB = [null,objectOfB,null]
A a2 =,A.class);

I want a2 contains listB=[objectOfB] only. not null elements of list.

How to do it in dozer?

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You could write a simple converter, like this (uses new converter api, you can use old also):

public class Converter extends DozerConverter<List<B>, List<B>> {
  public Converter() {
    super(List.class, List.class);

  public List<B> convertTo(List<B> source, List<B> destination) {
    List<B> result = new ArrayList<B>();
    for (B item : source) {
      if (item != null) {
          result.add(item); //or item copy, or whatever you want
    return result;

and then attach it to your mapping like this:

  <field custom-converter="yourpackage.Converter">
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