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Does anyone know how to output a "multiple row-column" (don't know if the term i use is correct) in cxgrid. the output should be like this:

Header 1         Header 3           Header 5

Header 2         Header 4           Header 6


Data 1.1         Data 1.3           Data 1.5

Data 1.2         Data 1.4           Data 1.6

Data 2.1         Data 2.3           Data 2.5

Data 2.2         Data 2.4           Data 2.6

and so on...

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Yes, it's possible to do this. Using TcxDBBandedTableView you can place columns in multiple rows. In order to accomplish this delete it's default tableview and add TcxDBBandedTableView, then bind it to a datasource and change columns positions (by dragging it) by testing it yourself.

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