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I happen to read about a spawn_opt called monitor:

But when I use it, I got this:

1> gen_server:start(some_module, [], [{spawn_opt, [monitor]}]).
** exception error: bad argument
     in function  proc_lib:check_for_monitor/1 (proc_lib.erl, line 182)
     in call from proc_lib:spawn_opt/4 (proc_lib.erl, line 161)
     in call from proc_lib:start_link/5 (proc_lib.erl, line 317)

And this is what happens around line 182 in proc_lib.erl from the OTP:

%% OTP-6345
%% monitor spawn_opt option is currently not possible to use
check_for_monitor(SpawnOpts) ->
    case lists:member(monitor, SpawnOpts) of
        true ->
        false ->

The monitor option is disabled on purpose, but I don't understand why. I searched a bit on OTP-6345, turns out it's from the release note, where I can't find enough info either:

We do the spawn-then-monitor steps manually all the time without any problems, but why did the OTP code choose to completely ignore the monitor option ? Are there potential race conditions or any other traps ?

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The fix is related to this email, there seems to be some overlap in the functionality of proc_lib and monitor which screws up this.

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That's indeed subtle and doesn't cause any real problems in our program, but good to know the details. Many thanks. – l04m33 Sep 14 '12 at 0:26

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