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I have a layout file present for specifically layout-normal-land normal landscape screens, for every other screen size and orientation I want to use the default layout folder -

But, screen sizes higher than normal will now use normal-land as the closest fit resource rather than falling back to default.

I could just add the resource into layout-large-land but this then means (since I want to use this same layout file for portrait screens of all sizes) I would have to make a duplicate copy of the layout file in layout as well.

Can someone tell me how to get around duplicating this file?

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To avoid this duplication of the same file use Layout Aliases stackoverflow.com/a/11396186/1012284 –  Padma Kumar Sep 13 '12 at 8:40

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I'm hoping this isn't the best case scenario:

Using @PadmaKumar s comment I'm using layout-alias to "override" the id used to load resource in default and large-land instances:

I have this structure instead:


where as the contents of the layout.xml in values and values-large-land contain:


This stops me from code duplications but still seems a bit... -ick-

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