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Hi I am getting started on using chef on windows and have followed the quickstart guide. I am using chef-solo and got it working with the getting started cookbook where it just writes a template out to the home directory, but any cookbook which installs something I get the error "Re-raising exception TypeError - can't convert nil into String" with no indication where the problem is.

I have my chef repo here on github which is trying to install 7-zip.

I have tried running with -l debug and this is the full stach trace.

I am a bit at a loss now of how to find the nil.

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Which version of Chef are you using?
I had a similar problem with Chef 0.10.10 on Ubuntu.

To solve this I upgraded my Chef version. In my case I ran

sudo gem update chef

Now I have 10.14.2 and everything is fine.

Not sure how you have configured your Windows install but you can try to run it without the sudo in front.

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