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I am trying to mock a WCF Client Proxy with Rhino Mock but I am not having much luck.

    var ServiceMock = MockRepository.GeneratePartialMock<ServiceClient>();
    ServiceMock.Expect(p => p.Publish("")).IgnoreArguments().Return("Worked");

This is how I have been trying to mock the proxy out. It is a normal set up through a constructor.

This does not seem to mock the ServiceClient can anyone help?

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Should be able to do something like this:

public class MyTestClass{

private IService _service;

public void Setup(){
_service = MockRepository.GenerateStrictMock<IService, ICommunicationObject>();

public void TestWhatsGoingOn(){


//This will test the close is called too (hence the ICommunicationObject above)
((ICommunicationObject)_service).Expect(r => r.Close());

public void CleanItUp{

This means you can test the close method is called too (as expected)

I think you need to generate a strict mock not a partial...

Also of course, if you want to assert that the .Abort() call is made during exception handling and the like - you can do so with:

((ICommunicationObject)_service).Expect(r => r.Abort());
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