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I was trying to bind an event to drop down list since yesterday nothing helped went to JavaScript chat room no one was able to find a fix to my problem, but then I somehow tried to bind my drop down list as following

$('<%= ddl.ID %>').bind('change',myfunction);


$(<%= ddl.ID %>).bind('change',myfunction);

and it started working, any idea ?


Sorry Its not working on IE :(

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<%= ddl.ID %> return ID but if you want to use this control in content page or user control id changed so you have to use <%= ddl.ClientID %> instead of 'ID' – Anant Dabhi Sep 13 '12 at 9:12

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jQuery uses CSS selector like syntax.

For ID Selector it needs to be prefix with # symbol. Example, $('#DOMElementId')

Check jQuery Selector list

In your case correct one should be

$('#<%= ddl.ID %>').bind('change',myfunction) // if you have no master page or 


$('#<%= ddl.ClientID %>').bind('change',myfunction)
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it worked , Cheers :) – Please Teach Sep 13 '12 at 9:11

The jQuery function needs a string as selector.

The latter syntax has no meaning, except

  • if your string is a javascript variable (for example document.body or myvar if you defined myvar).
  • if your ddl.ID string contains the quotes (you may have created it as ddl.ID = "\"#id\"";)

It's possible you fixed a bug by another bug rendering ineffective this line in your code.

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You should probably use ClientID instead

$('#<%= ddl.ClientID %>').bind('change', myfunction);

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best option is

$('#'+'<%= ddl.ClientID %>').bind('change',myfunction);

it works even you use this control in user control or content page

$('#'+'<%= ddl.ClientID %>').change(myfunction);
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