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I have a MySQL database unfortunately used with Django 1.4.1. Distinct function is only working for POSTGRESQL if i get it right.

I have to make a distinct query consist of multiple values while only distinct one,

Like; This one works for POSTGRE but not with MYSQL, I get the following error;

DISTINCT ON fields is not supported by this database backend

staff = Staff.objects.order_by('person__full_name').distinct('person__full_name')

Then I tried

staff = Staff.objects.values('person__full_name','staff_job_categories').distinct().order_by('person__full_name')

But I do not get distinct values because i get also the staff job categories. But when I dont contain it I could not get it as array.

Any idea ?

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.distinct([*fields]) only works in PostgresSQL.

From distinct documentation

Here's the difference. For a normal distinct() call, the database compares each field in each row when determining which rows are distinct. For a distinct() call with specified field names, the database will only compare the specified field names.

As stated all fields in a record are checked. Mostly likely in your case you are getting records with different field values (more likely a case if you are queries multiple tables ManyToMany or ForeignKey relations).

For consolidating as array you can refer your earlier question Django Query distinct values works but i cant use the query result

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names = Staff.objects.order_by('person__full_name').values('person__full_name').distinct()

will give you distinct full names, and you can do a similar thing to get distinct job categories.

These will give you lists of values, not objects themselves, but if I interpret your question correctly then I think these will give you what you want.

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