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I have a file with data like below:

4  1
7  12
2  5
4  4
6  67
12  5

through command line i can split each and every line into an array like below:

perl -F'\s+' -ane 'print $F[0]' file

thus will print all the first fields. Now the above command transforms every line into an array. in a similar way can this be done line creating a hash with keys as the first field and values for each key is the second field.?

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If you use that sample input to build a hash, you will overwrite the key/value pair 4 => 1 with 4 => 4, since hash keys are unique. Also, -F'\s+' is redundant, since that is the default autosplit value when using -a. –  TLP Sep 13 '12 at 11:23

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Try this:

perl -MData::Dumper -ane '$X{$F[0]}=$F[1]}{print Dumper \%X' file
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Wow an unknown benefactor optimised my code! Thanks. This was a submission from my phone, so double thanks. –  Alex Brown Sep 14 '12 at 14:29

Yes, it can be done.

perl -MData::Dumper -e '%a = map { (split)[0,1] } <ARGV>;print Dumper \%a' dt.txt
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