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Doing a Rails project with MongoDB + MongoMapper

Rake creates the Mongo db with environment names hyphenated

ie myapp-development

which does not play well in the Mongo shell.... To edit the environment names, do I need to override the core Rails code or can it be done on a per app basis?

Else, is there a way to run commands normally on a hyphenated db name from mongo shell?


returns OK



ReferenceError: hyphenated is not defined


use tests-hyphenated

returns OK

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You can make it play in the mongo shell like this:

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You can use mongo.yml to specify/change database environment information like database name and other related things...

Running following command will create mongo.yml inside config directory.

rails g mongo_mapper:config 

Refer to answer of Use Yaml for MongoMapper Config to see example of mongo.yml file.

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Thanks Amrish. The first answer got me out of trouble, but I will look at using your suggested method as the project continues. –  Leon Stafford Sep 22 '12 at 21:21

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