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I would like to include JavaScript inside a form widget in Symfony2, but quotes are escaped inside the JavaScript command, see:

{{ form_widget(form.sdf, 
    { 'attr': { 'value': "document.MSketch.getMol('sdf');" } } 
) }}

and the result I get:

<input type="hidden" id="form_sdf" name="form[sdf]" required="required" value="document.MSketch.getMol(&#039;sdf&#039;);" />

I have read this topic : Twig and autoescaping But autoescape false is not working when using it like this:

{% autoescape false %}
{{ form_widget(form.sdf, 
    { 'attr': { 'value': "document.MSketch.getMol('sdf');" } } 
) }}
{% endautoescape %}

How to have quotes?

EDIT: Using raw filter isn't helping:

{% set cmd = 'document.MSketch.getMol("sdf");' %}
{{ form_widget(form.sdf, { 'attr': { 'value': cmd|raw } } ) }}

But raw filter is working outside of the form_widget, so where is the problem?

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Have you tried to simply escape quotes? \' or \"

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Simple escaping is not working. As a temporary fix, i put my JavaScript inside my submit button onclick attribute. –  user1254498 Sep 14 '12 at 7:05

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