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Is it possible to trigger the javascript function of an anchor tag during page load?

Here is my fiddle

<a  id="WebTree" href="javascript:alert('testing')">click me</a>

    // after the page load I'm expecting to see the alert but it's not working

I'm expecting to see an alert after the page is loaded but I'm not


Ok here's simple explanation why I'm asking this question.

Here is the original link which was dynamically generated by sharepoint.

<A id=ctl00_PlaceHolderLeftNavBar_ctl01_WebTreeViewn1 href="javascript:TreeView_PopulateNode(ctl00_PlaceHolderLeftNavBar_ctl01_WebTreeView_Data,1,ctl00_PlaceHolderLeftNavBar_ctl01_WebTreeViewn1,ctl00_PlaceHolderLeftNavBar_ctl01_WebTreeViewt1,ctl00_PlaceHolderLeftNavBar_ctl01_WebTreeViewt1i,' ','TaxonomyMetadata','Pages\\TaxonomyMetadata','t','30:FieldNameNode:e305128c-217b-47b4-81b9-db0c1e59f98f:3b529925-3610-485a-9133-bc958f7ab28e:dbf365da-565b-41ca-966d-f9bf29d9b2cf:30|ListNode|e305128c-217b-47b4-81b9-db0c1e59f98f|3b529925-3610-485a-9133-bc958f7ab28e|ea06a686-46c5-4470-a1ab-4fe4341589c8','tt')">

    <IMG style="BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-TOP-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-BOTTOM-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-LEFT-WIDTH: 0px" alt="Expand TaxonomyMetadata" src="/_layouts/images/MDNCollapsed.png">

Bottom line I have no control of the anchor tag.

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jsfiddle.net/yCvBH/1 –  Oliver Sep 13 '12 at 9:40
you are just passing the alert inside the click event... sorry it's not actually what I wanted –  Carls Jr. Sep 13 '12 at 9:42
That's why it's a comment and not an answer =D –  Oliver Sep 13 '12 at 9:42

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How about:

$(document).ready() {
    var code = $('#WebTree').attr('href');
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lol this is what I call the ANSWER!!!! –  Carls Jr. Sep 13 '12 at 9:54
Dammit, was just about to come in and post something similar but included setting the onClick by $(document).ready(function(){ $('#WebTree').click(function() { eval($('#WebTree').attr('href')) }); $('#WebTree').click(); }); –  anothershrubery Sep 13 '12 at 10:05

You should use onclick attribute instead of href. Triggering click on an element programmatically doesn't activate the href attribute.

<a id="WebTree" onClick='javascript:alert("testing")' href='#'>click me</a>

If you want to change the location of the page you can use location.href.

   location.href = this.href


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More precisely, "using .trigger('click') will not trigger the native click event". –  raina77ow Sep 13 '12 at 9:45
@raina77ow Yes, that's correct. –  Vohuman Sep 13 '12 at 9:46
There is a reason why I'm asking that kind of question. The link is created dynamically by sharepoint and all I can do is just to trigger the javascript of the href. –  Carls Jr. Sep 13 '12 at 9:46
@CarlsJr. So the best way is using location.href –  Vohuman Sep 13 '12 at 10:01

Move event binding to javascript:

<a  id="WebTree" href="#">click me</a>



See Unobtrusive JavaScript

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so you cant try this way

    $('#WebTree').click(function() {
    // after the page load I'm expecting to see the alert but it's not working

 $(window).load(function () {
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