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Is there any link to a more in-depth details about the Google Docs layout engine? If it uses webgl, or the canvas element 2d context, or anything. I know google did it from scratch calculating character width and all.

I was reading about Bespin and it said it had some performance issues, so I was wondering what google did to make it fast. I just can't find any details about how they did.

Only if it was open source...

Btw, I tried benjamn / kix-standalone but the source code from github is simply not readble:

function $a(a) { 
    return Wa(a) == Ta 
function ab(a) { 
    var b = Wa(a); 
    return b == Ta || b == Ra && typeof a.length == Sa <br/>
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i did some research in this topic last year. i faved your question and will answer as soon as i can find the time. For the time, have a look at Surface –  Bastian Rang Feb 25 '13 at 9:04
Thank you for taking the time :) –  eSinxoll Feb 25 '13 at 19:27

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