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Having this sample code:

<input type="text" id="changeid">
<a href="#" id="clickb">click</a>

    $('#clickb').on("click", function(event){
        return false;

    $('#changeid').on("change", function(event){
        return false;

When putting something into the text field and click the link immediately, only onchange event fires, but not link click event. Why is that? It seems that the change event is blocking the click event?

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When you edit the input and then click on the link the following happens on the inside

  1. You start clicking on the 'link'. No events are generated yet (not even mousedown), because first the browser will do some cleanup work:
  2. The input loses focus and will raise a blur event
  3. The input raises a change event, since it raised a blur and the value changed
  4. Your change event callback opens an alert(2)
  5. The documents loses focus since a new window appeared
  6. The link will never experience the click.

The solution is not to use alert (as xdazz proposed).

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Came here with the same problem, but different preconditions. It's worth noting that the same explanation is in play when using a script debugger to highlight change and click events – KyleMit Jul 24 '13 at 22:28

It is blocked by alert. Change alert to console.log you will find two events all fired.

The demo.

$('#clickb').on("click", function(event){
    return false;

$('#changeid').on("change", function(event){
   return false;
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+1 for working demo. Well spotted. – François Wahl Sep 13 '12 at 10:23

use this

$("#changeid").live('change', function () ...
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onchange event fires only after the element is blurred. So when u type some text and click on the link first the element is blurred on the text field. The best way to handle the change event on having onkeyup event to track the changes made on the text field.

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