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I am using DOMPDF library to convert HTML to PDF at runtime. However, I am facing an issue related to images.

Actually, my main domain is pointed to sub-domain and all images are on sub-domain. So actual image is like image and if I run this image through browser using main domain as image it displays the image.

However, in PDF it is not working. It is displaying image only if I used sub-domain and not with main domain.

Can anybody please help me what is going wrong?

OR DOMPDF consider only actual path and not virtual path?

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Can you clarify what you mean that your "main domain is pointed to sub-domain?" Also, it would help to know how you reference your images in the document and how you're working with dompdf. – BrianS Sep 13 '12 at 14:24
In browser if we run it gets redirected to All my images are on I have put DOMPDF library as it is and following is the code $objDompdf->set_paper( 'A4', 'portrait' ); $objDompdf->load_html( $strHtmlContent ); $objDompdf->render(); $strPdfContent = $objDompdf->output(); $strHtmlContent has all html code. In that if I gave images path as then it works but if I gave the path as then it doesn't show any image in the PDF. – Trupti Patil Sep 14 '12 at 6:53
Still not sure about your setup. Do you have a live page we can test? – BrianS Sep 14 '12 at 14:25 this is the site where I am facing the issue. Actually, whatever displyed in above site it actually located at For images if I give the path for DOMPDF as then image gets displayed in the PDF but if I give the path as then it doesn't work. Please help me.... – Trupti Patil Sep 16 '12 at 16:59
Hrm. Direct link works, but not redirected link. If display in the browser works I would expect it to work in dompdf. Hard to diagnose without a live page at this point. I searched for an image at that domain and it worked correctly, so it may be something specific to the page/image you're working with. Maybe a redirect issue with PHP? Or maybe some kind of filename issue with dompdf? – BrianS Sep 17 '12 at 15:29

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