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On android we can add an account manually through settings->Account&sync->add account->Corporate and then we fill the fields and add the account.

I want to do this programmatically. I searched on internet but did not find any way to do this.

I found two posts ( http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=21233 AND Android How to add/configure Exchange setting programmatically? ), after which it looks like that it is not possible...But does any one know any way to do this?

We can programmatically open the screen settings->Account&sync->add account by intent Settings.ACTION_ADD_ACCOUNT. Can I somehow fill the fields too?

Is there any intent to do this? Or can I use account manager somehow?

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I did too encounter this problem and the only answer I ever got is NO for Android 3.0 and above, and NOT REALLY for 2.3 and lower.

  • For platform 2.3 and lower you can call intent with parameters for the Exchange account creation screen, so all fields will be filled.

    //Gingerbread and lower
    ComponentName localComponentName = new ComponentName("com.android.email", "com.android.email.activity.setup.AccountSetupBasics");
    Intent exchangeIntent = new Intent("android.intent.action.MAIN");
    exchangeIntent.putExtra("com.android.email.AccountSetupBasics.username", mUserName);
    exchangeIntent.putExtra("com.android.email.AccountSetupBasics.password", mPassword);
    exchangeIntent.putExtra("com.android.email.extra.eas_flow", true);

    (This code is based on an answer i found on stack exchange but i cant find it again for reference)

    You must understand that this solution does not apply to devices that do not have the default eMail client.

    I consider this solution as a hack and not a real solution but this is what i'v found.

  • From HoneyComb and onward the exchange account creation screen was changed and it does not get those parameters any more from the intent, so this solution does not apply and i could not found any other way to do it.

  • Another solution that i have not implemented is to use a 3rd party email client which supply's needed API to create, delete or modify an exchange account

Hope i helped

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Here is the link to where to <2.3 was from... for reference: stackoverflow.com/questions/7901653/… – Rickard Liljeberg Mar 12 '13 at 12:52

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