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I'm trying to define a function

template<typename Functor> static void start(DataSize size, ThreadNum threadNum, Functor f)

    std::for_each<int>(allocated, size, f);


allocated and size are just int.

The caller calls the function

start(image.width() * image.height(), _threads, RGBHistogramFun<T>(image, hist));


template<typename T> class RGBHistogramFun

    void operator()(std::size_t i)

I set T to int for the template. I'm trying to define std::for_each so that it calls RGBHistogramFun::operator(std::size_t i) for each integer from allocated to size. The operator() will use the index to manipulate its internal array data.

However, I'm getting compiler error something about xutility.

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post your error – Kip9000 Sep 13 '12 at 10:37
That's also not how for_each works, where did you get this definition ? – Julien Lebot Sep 13 '12 at 10:37

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n3337 25.2.4

template<class InputIterator, class Function>
Function for_each(InputIterator first, InputIterator last, Function f);

Effects: Applies f to the result of dereferencing every iterator in the range [first,last), starting from first and proceeding to last - 1.

int cannot be dereferenced.

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