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I am trying to use DI in my step definitions. I have a module,

public class MyModule extends AbstractModule
    private final static MyInterface INSTANCE = new MyInterfaceImpl();

    protected void configure()

and want to inject this instance in the constructor of the step definitions.

public class MyStepDefs
    private final MyInterface instance;

    public MyStepDefs(MyInterface instance)
        this.instance = instance

I think I need to configure the GuiceFactory using a file but I don't really know what this is? At the moment the error I get is,

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/inject/Singleton

Also should I be using a Provider for constructor injection?

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The MyModule and MyStepDefs classes were fine. The NoClassDefFoundError was caused by not having latest version of Guice added as a dependency. I added this,


to my POM.xml.

The file goes in the src/main/resources folder. This file is read by the GuiceFactory class and should contain a property for the Guice module you want to use. EG..


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