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I have a query with PIVOT table, like,

   FROM (SELECT ID, ID,Date FROM Table1) AS P 
      COUNT (P.ID)
      FOR P.Date in ([08/17/2006],[08/18/2006])  -- [MM/DD/YYYY] - Format
    ) as pvt

In above query, P.Date is datetime2(7) so, I am getting the data like,

P.Date = '2006-08-17 15:30:23.0000000' 

But i am comparing with '2006-08-17'. Here date part is same, even though I am not getting the results.

My aim is to display the count of the ID when the date matches.

I have tried with Convert(), But it is not allowing at PIVOT table in FOR block.

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You need to do the CAST() in the inner select:

  SELECT ID, ID, Cast(yourDateValue as Date) newdate  -- perform the conversion here
  FROM Table1 
) AS P 
  FOR newdate in ([08/17/2006], [08/18/2006])  -- [MM/DD/YYYY] - Format
) as pvt
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