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In my project i'm using dynamic data controls to generate lable , textbox , dropdownlist

I'm binding all values using .dbml class as using linq to sql

now when i populate my dropdown with following code it is populated all the values which is there in table Users but i want to show only some values how can i achieve that?


  partial class WorkFlow{}

    [DisplayColumn("FlowItem", "InitDate", true)]
    public class FlowMeta
        [Display(Name = "Trade", Order = 1)]
        public WorkFlowItem WorkFlowItem { get; set; }

        [Display(Name = "Users", Order = 2)]
        public Users User { get; set; }

Here it is populating all the records from Users table and dynamically bind it to dropdownlist how can I modify this?

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You can create a Function in this way in your Contorller:

 public void populatelistbox()

        int id = Convert.ToInt32(Session["user"].ToString());

        var enroll = from s in db.EnrollTrainee
                     join a in db.CreateUsers on s.TraineeID equals a.User_Userid
                     where s.TrainerID == id
                     select new { a.User_Userid, a.User_name };

        ViewBag.Enroll = new MultiSelectList(enroll, "User_Userid", "User_name");

You need to Perform Some Conditions in your Lambda Operations according to your requirement.

After that you can Call this Function in this way:

    public ActionResult Create()
        return View();  
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