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I am receiving encoded data from flash in AMF format, but I want to decode it in php .

I do not know how can I use the library https://github.com/silexlabs/amfphp-2.0/blob/master/Amfphp/Core/Amf/Serializer.php

I cant find a sample code that instructs how to do a simple decode of AMF encoded message

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Did you tried Zend_Amf? –  Maks3w Sep 13 '12 at 10:52
does it works with normal PHP? –  meWantToLearn Sep 13 '12 at 10:52
I am trying to find a sample code or at least a pseudo code of how it works –  meWantToLearn Sep 13 '12 at 10:53
Is part of Zend Framework and you can use it since PHP 5.2, At this moment I don't know if you can use the component standalone or if you need download some dependency –  Maks3w Sep 13 '12 at 10:54

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I would advise against using Zend_Amf, it was written with some mysterious misconception in mind, which they consider to be the "architecture"... AMFPHP still exists and is maintained by some folks who didn't like Zend that much http://sourceforge.net/projects/amfphp/

Here is their site with examples and explanation on how to set it up etc: http://www.silexlabs.org/amfphp/

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I had the same problem once, and solved it as follows.

You can use javascript base64 encoding inside Flash while you can use base64_decode function in PHP. I have used before and it works perfectly.

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wish I could use, but unfortunately client requirement is only AMF –  meWantToLearn Sep 13 '12 at 10:58

Have a look at nekoserver project. It's simplified analogue of amfphp written in HaXe. There you can find nekoserver.amf.io package, look at AmfDeserializer.hx (reading metadata) and Amf3Reader.hx (reading message body). It's all very simple there. Well, I guess the fact that project is written in HaXe is not vey good for you, but you should not be affraid syntax of HaXe is very similar to Actionscript syntax.

Also I recomend to look at AMF format specification.

PS. Did I understood correctly that you need AMF3 (not AMF0)?

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Take a look at a very reliable PHP extension for encoding/decoding AMF3 streams without the overhead of using pure PHP encoders/decoders - https://github.com/neoxic/php-amf3

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