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I want to compile a set of .scss files to different filenames.

In development, I want to compile eg. foo.scss to foo.dbg.css (unminified and with comments). In production, I want to have eg. foo.min.css (minified).

Is there a way to tell SASS/Compass what to use as the target extension? A command-line switch? A config.rb option?

Writing a script that first compiles and then renames files seems like a bad option, because then I can't use compass watch efficiently.

(Well, I could compile to two different output directories and then write a script that copies the files from there. That feels a bit clumsy.)

UPDATE: I worked around the problem by writing a simplified version of the watch code. When something changes, it triggers a recompile to two different output directories, then renames and moves the files to place.

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I'm really interested in your workaround! Can you share it to us please? – yckart Jun 13 '13 at 17:17
Hi @tuomassalo, I'm also interested in the workaround if you have a chance to post it. – mtpultz Dec 15 '14 at 8:13

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No it can't. I asked the same question in the mailing lists about RTL stylesheets. However, you can run compass compile using different 'config.rb' files. Try compass compile -c debug.rb.

UPDATE: Compass still can't, but Gulp can watch and generate several target css files using Sass and Compass. See

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I don't know if you can run two terminals with compass watch on the same project. But if you can, then you got it ;) – barraponto Sep 13 '12 at 18:05
This still true? – mtpultz Dec 15 '14 at 8:14
@mtpultz if anyone tries it out and reports a better outcome i'll happily update this answer. logs welcome :) – barraponto Dec 15 '14 at 18:27

I couldn't get Alireza Fattahi's answer to work because it threw errors so I found another example which works for me

require "fileutils"

on_stylesheet_saved do |file|
  if File.exists?(file)
    filename = File.basename(file, File.extname(file))
    File.rename(file, css_dir + "/" + filename + ".min" + File.extname(file))
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Thanks! Had same issue with Alireza's answer. – mtpultz Dec 15 '14 at 8:21
this is the correct answer :) – numediaweb Mar 6 at 18:18

You can add this to your config.

Please see

require 'fileutils'

on_stylesheet_saved do |file|

  if file.match('.min') == nil

    require 'compass'

            :project_path => File.dirname(File.dirname(file)),
            :sass_dir => File.basename(File.dirname(file)),
            :css_path => File.basename(File.dirname(file)),
            :output_style => :compressed
        'alwaysmin' # A name for the configuration, can be anything you want
    Compass.compiler.compile(File.dirname(file) + "/" + File.basename(file, '.css') + '.scss', File.dirname(file) + "/" + File.basename(file, '.css') + ".min.css")


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