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I have a table with column name = recording_size. In this column I am storing the size in bytes, but on the Web I am showing the size in KB.

       public static function getKbFromBytes($string){
            return ($string/1024);

Now I have a Filtration Functionality in Web. So as I am showing size in KB so I'll certainly take Input for Searching from user in KB & not in bytes although in DB I have that in bytes. For that I take input in KB and than convert it again to bytes like:

    public static function getBytesFromKb($string){
         return ($string * 1024);


size in Bytes = 127232

When I apply my function so it = 124.25 KB now when user write exactly like 124.25 then the search works, but I want that user does not write exactly the same. The user can also write 124 instead of 124.54, and when the user writes 124 then my search is not working — meaning it does not show any records. I have also ADD & Subtract 50 from the converted bytes but it is not working.

   $sql = $sql->where('r.recording_size BETWEEN "'.(Engine::getBytesFromKb($opt['sn']) - 50) .'" AND "'.(Engine::getBytesFromKb($opt['sn']) + 50) .'"');

How can I achieve this?

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Searching for size should probably be as a range instead of an equality anyway. At least, the default should be the range, unless your app's primary focus is the exact size. For the SQL:

$kb = round($opt['sn']);
$sql = $sql->where('r.recording_size BETWEEN '.($kb * 1024).' AND '.(($kb + 1) * 1024));

By the way, you should omit the quotation marks ("). They are invalid/nonstandard even for strings. And you are comparing int's.

Another thing to watch for is KiB vs KB.

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