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need to have multiple language.

configured i18n.rb:

Refinery::I18n.configure do |config|
  config.enabled = true
  config.default_locale = :en
  config.current_locale = :en
  config.default_frontend_locale = :en
  config.frontend_locales = [:en, :ru]
  config.locales = {:en=>"English", :ru=>"Russian"}

generated engine in refinerycms:

rails generate refinery:engine product title:string description:text image:image --i18n title description

rails generate refinery:products

I'm getting the following error: No route matches {:locale=>:en, :controller=>"refinery/products/products", :action=>"show", :id=>"1"} when I try to open any page of engine

Please help!

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After I added a custom engine to my CMS, I was having the same issue; my 'locale selector' in my application layout file caused the error you described:

-# Haml:
  - locales.each do |locale|
    %li= link_to Refinery::I18n.locales[locale], url_for(:locale => locale), :title => Refinery::I18n.locales[locale], :class => "flags-#{locale}"

By changing url_for into refinery.url_for this solved the problem:

-# Haml:
  - locales.each do |locale|
    %li= link_to Refinery::I18n.locales[locale], refinery.url_for(:locale => locale), :title => Refinery::I18n.locales[locale], :class => "flags-#{locale}"

Can't explain what happened yet, but maybe this will solve your problem.

To be honest, all credits should go to this answer :)

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Did you run:

rake db:migrate
rake db:seed

after you did rails generate refinery:products?

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