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Has anyone tried to port PdfSharp library to Mono? I just ran MoMA against PdfSharp.dll v1.2 beta and I am getting about 12 P/Invoke errors and 10 or so Mono TODOs. Just wondering if anyone has ported PdfSharp over to Linux and OSX, if so, how did it go? Trying to evaluate if PdfSharp is a good candidate for me.

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Gabriel Burt is using it for his PDFMod utility, which mean it can certainly be used for manipulating PDF documents. However, he uses a different library (Poppler) for rendering, so I suspect that the P/Invokes and TODOs are in the rendering code, particularly Windows Forms.

In short, as long as you don't use codepaths that hit the P/Invokes and TODO, it should work fine.

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