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I have these code in a file "code.py"

param_list = ['/usr/bin/someapp.bin','-q','/usr/bin/someparam.conf','/tmp/output.pdf']
p = subprocess.Popen( param_list , shell=False, stdout=subprocess.PIPE )

the someapp.bin will produce a file and output as /tmp/output.pdf when i run under the code.py under terminal shell , it works , and the user is : ubuntu

but when i try run it as a service using user : service_user and make sure the /tmp folder is writable and accessible for anyone.

my question is why it just cannot generate as it suppose to be under service , my suspect is permission issue but i just cannot get it to work and need some advice and help , thanks.

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You didn't say what happens or what error you get –  stark Sep 13 '12 at 11:32
Are you 100% sure you're running as 'service_user'? Maybe verify with os.getuid(). If so maybe log on as service_user and try running the script in a terminal, if it doesn't work I agree it's probably a permissions issue. You could also see what happens if you run the script with sudo. –  technicalbloke Sep 13 '12 at 11:53

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The code should work. To track down the issue:

  1. Add print(os.getuid()) to the code to make sure it's started with the UID that you expect
  2. Enable logging/debugging for someapp.bin to see whether there is an error
  3. Examine the exit code
  4. Print the output of the command to the console so you can see any errors:

    output = p.communicate()[0]
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HI, thanks for trying to help , i can confirm that the above code is working under user ubuntu but when i started it as service , init.d using a different user service_user , it does not work , i can print the os.getuid when i run under shell using user ubuntu , but when i run as service , as it will capture into log file somehow the print command cannot be captured into the log file so i cannot check it. And i assumed that the service called belong to the service_user by checking under running processes the owner. –  user1112786 Sep 15 '12 at 5:49
when i login using service_user and run the same command , i found some error and got it fixed ! , thanks to all. –  user1112786 Sep 15 '12 at 6:35

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