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I am trying to append text to a div which has been dynamically created. Within this div there are 2 child divs, one for title and one for the body.

This main div is droppable, however I want that when the item is dropped, the text enters into the child div "body".

I currently have the following code which appends the text to the main div.

 $($(this)).append(draggableText + '<br>');

The name of the child div is #catPileBoxBody

However there are 3 of these which have been dynamically created. So is there a way of inserting the text into something like:

$($(this."CHILD called #catPileBoxBody")).append(draggableText + '<br>'); 

Any help would be massively appreciated! I have been stumped on this for AGES!

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$(this).find("#catPileBoxBody").append(draggableText + '<br>');

But as you should have only one element with a given ID, you should be able to simply do

$("#catPileBoxBody").append(draggableText + '<br>');

The fact that the divs have been created dynamically changes nothing.

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Thanks so much! Im only realising now IDs should be unique. I changed it to a class and edited the code to var parent = $(this).find(".catPileBoxBody"); $(parent).append(draggableText + '<br>'); –  Phillip Hartin Sep 13 '12 at 12:05

You can append it in the following manner


   $(this).find('div.yourClass').append(draggableText + '<br>');
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Thanks but I needed to make it a class and get it from under the selected element "this" –  Phillip Hartin Sep 13 '12 at 12:08
@PhillipHartin Should I update my anwer for that. –  freebird Sep 13 '12 at 12:10

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