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Does anyone knows of a library or a class that emulates the vt100 terminal (doesn't matter if graphical or not). What I want basically is a class that implements the logic of a vt100 terminal (like when receiving a "delete" code will call a delete function, or if GUI based that will delete one char).

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Telnetd seems to be a complete an pretty well documented solution:


You can also try:


It behaves like a VT100 and uses a SSH2 connection. But the website indicates the VT100 emulation is incomplete.

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thanks a lot @Traroth, I'll have a look at those. –  Rima Sep 14 '12 at 21:20

Have a look at the JediTerm project: https://github.com/traff/jediterm

It has both graphical implementation as well as API to override. Graphical version works for remote connections(using JSch) and local pty(using JPty).

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