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Does anyone know what are the codes in writing and reading of data in the Mifare 1K card?? we uses c#.

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from DreamInCode, check the comment by Goethals:

"Pretty hard to find some decent documentation on Smardcards isn't it? Had some rough time trying to get it work too some time ago. (Did not get it to work completely yet, ran out of time)

The best way i found as of yet is to invoke the Winscard.dll api.

The following articles contain some valuable information on how to:

http://www.aspfree.com/c/a/.NET/Smart-Cards-in-.NET/ http://www.aspfree.com/c/a/C-Sharp/Smart-C...in-.NET-Part-2/ http://www.aspfree.com/c/a/.NET/Smart-Cards-in-NET-Part-3/

Its C#, but that should not be a big problem.

Some random info from the following blog helped me too: (Contains explenation for some of the error codes.)


On the MSDN website, there is also some information regarding Winscard.dll. (Do a search on Smard Card or SCard, you should find some articles.)

I also found some documentation on the website of OmniKey. (The manifacturer of the Smard Card Reader I am using.)


The omnikey website is often down though.

Hope this helps you out a bit. Cheers! "

also you can check out (this in C) the RFID C Library

I've also just found out that mathias4u has developed a ACR122 plug-in that supports the mifare 1k, you can download it here

I hope that helps! :)

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The cgeers.wordpress.com link is invalid. Here is the correct one: cgeers.com/2008/02/03/monitoring-a-smartcard-reader –  conor Mar 10 '12 at 14:05
@conor thanks! :) –  pageman Dec 9 '13 at 11:13

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