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I am using SendGrid API for my sending mails and now i want to learn what event is used with email?

Please refer to this site

Like is it delivered, processed, open, etc... I also would like to get that status in my database table.

So does anyone know what kind of integration I need to do or what kind of coding I need to apply.

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Disclaimer: I work at SendGrid

To get the events that happen, you would enable the Event Notification app within the dashboard (or enable it using the settings API calls,

To start, you'd provide a URL which we will POST information to about events that happen regarding messages. Current event list is:

  • we processed the message
  • the message was dropped
  • message was deferred (we'll try again later)
  • message was delivered
  • message bounced from ISP/ESP
  • message was opened
  • a link in the message was clicked
  • a recipient unsubscribed
  • a user reported the message as spam.
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