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I am working with a pdf viewer in iOS. My requirement is adding notes to pdf.I tried the fastpdfkit trial version.In that i saw a class which named "FPKAnnotation".

Can it be utilised for my requirement ..If so how can i add annotation into the pdf with tht class?

I want to add a note icon and to add text to the note image?How can i do so?

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Can it be used for my requirement? If so how can I add annotation into the pdf with that class?

No, you cannot. FastKitPDF is PDF reader tool, not a PDF generation tool.

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Annotate PDF within iPhone SDK

^ that is a different way of doing it although if you want to stick with fastpdfkit

http://support.fastpdfkit.com/kb/how-to/multimedia-overlays Thats a tutorial for annotations using fastpdfkit

:) Hope this helps :]

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