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I couldn't find the answer to this one on the web.

Using Dancer and Template toolkit, I have an array of hashes which I would like to print to a table on my webapp. This is how I send the data structure to the template:

template "find_ip_results2", {
    user => \@user,

What is the correct foreach syntax to iterate this structure and access each key-value pair?

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What does @user look like? Are the elements hashrefs? The way you showed it, this is a hash of arrays, not an array of hashes. –  simbabque Sep 13 '12 at 12:22
the array looks something like this : $VAR1 = { 'communities' => 'bar', 'priority' => ' 3', 'policyName' => 'TATA', }; $VAR2 = { 'communities' => 'baz', 'priority' => '1', 'policyName' => 'Google', }; $VAR3 = { 'communities' => 'foo', 'priority' => '4', 'policyName' => 'Peering', }; –  user1380641 Sep 13 '12 at 12:36

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Slight modification to eugene y's answer to fix iterator syntax:

 [% FOREACH u IN user %]
      communities: [% u.communities %]<br/>
      priority: [% u.priority %]<br/>
      policyName: [% u.policyName %]
 [% END %]
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[% FOR u = user %]
    [% u.key    # or u.item('key') %]
[% END %]

You can read the docs here.

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