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I am loading more than 1000 nodes(including subnodes) into a dynatree and using a check box for each node to select.

But if we select all or deselect all like in a demo, http://wwwendt.de/tech/dynatree/doc/sample-select.html , it is very slow and browser hangs for 10 seconds.

Is there a fix?

Edit: A Tree has 6-8 levels nested. Each level have around 5-10 nodes.

Updated code

 <a href="#" id="select-all">select all</a>
 <div id="echoSelection"></div>
 <div id="my-tree"></div>

     return false;


        initAjax: {
            url: 'jsonData.aspx',
            data: { type: "all" }
        checkbox: true,
        selectMode: 3,
        onSelect: function (select, node) {
            // Display list of selected nodes
            var selNodes = node.tree.getSelectedNodes();
            // convert to title/key array
            var selKeys = $.map(selNodes, function (node) {
                return "[" + node.data.key + "]: '" + node.data.title + "'";
            $("#echoSelection2").text(selKeys.join(", "));
        onClick: function (node, event) {
            // We should not toggle, if target was "checkbox", because this
            // would result in double-toggle (i.e. no toggle)
            if (node.getEventTargetType(event) == "title")
        onKeydown: function (node, event) {
            if (event.which == 32) {
                return false;

        fx: { height: "toggle", duration: 200 },
        autoCollapse: true

JSON Format Sample

{"title":"Node 1","isFolder":false,"isLazy":false,"key":"1","icon":null,"prevNode":0,"nextNode":0,"children":[{"title":"Node 6","isFolder":false,"isLazy":false,"key":"6","icon":null,"prevNode":0,"nextNode":0,"children":[],"tooltip":null,"addClass":null,"expand":false,"MetaData":null}],"tooltip":null,"expand":false,"MetaData":null},{"title":"Node 2","isFolder":false,"isLazy":false,"key":"2","icon":null,"prevNode":0,"nextNode":0,"children":[],"tooltip":null,"expand":false,"MetaData":null},{"title":"Node 3","isFolder":false,"isLazy":false,"key":"3","icon":null,"prevNode":0,"nextNode":0,"children":[],"tooltip":null,"expand":false,"MetaData":null}]
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Is your code an aexact match to the demo? Are you lazy loading? Please post code. –  J.Wells Nov 29 '12 at 12:05
@JMWells: Updated the code. –  Murali Murugesan Nov 29 '12 at 12:23
Are you sure that is an accurate representation of your code? I just set this up on jsFiddle, and can select upwards of 62k nodes in chrome in under a second. Upwards of that and Dynatree throws a RangeError exception. Do you have anything binding to those events that might be causing additional processing to occur for each select event? Or perhaps some kind of recursion? –  J.Wells Nov 30 '12 at 22:16
@J.Wells: Thanks. It looks good. However i tried selecting all the nodes with external button. Please see this fiddle what i was trying jsfiddle.net/tmXRV/3 . But i could not able to do in your code. Please help me to do select all, deselect all with external button –  Murali Murugesan Dec 1 '12 at 6:15
Here is an example which uses an <a/> tag to trigger selection of all nodes. To select all nodes, you may 1) iterate through every node via .dynatree('getTree').visit(function(node){}) method and set every node.select(true), or 2) you may set selectMode:3 on the dynatree initialization which tells dynatree to auto-select children when a parent is selected, and trigger that via .dynatree('getRoot').select(true). The iterative method (#1) is slower. The .dynatree('getRoot').select(true) method (#2) is quicker. –  J.Wells Dec 1 '12 at 14:35

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you can try lazy load and here is an example http://www.gehbeez.com/dynatree-lazy-load-example-with-asp-net/

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