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I want to use Spring Insight with Tomcat 6. I cant use TC server because of reasons beyond my control. So I am looking at integrating Spring Insight with Tomcat 6. Has any one worked on this before or can any one point me to any documentation.

Thanks, Anuj

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Insight Developer (the free product) comes in two form, packaged with tc Server Developer and packaged with STS. Neither option will provide an easy mechanism for installing Insight into Tomcat. I'm not saying that it can't be done, there is just no simple way to do it.

If you really want to run Insight on Tomcat then you are going to need to do some work. Here are the rough steps that you'll need to do.

  1. Download vFabric tc Server Developer
  2. Create a vFabric tc Server instance which has Insight enabled.
  3. Download the latest Apache Tomcat 6.0.x or 7.0.x
  4. Copy the following files & folders from the tc Server instance w/Insight

    • bin/setenv.sh
    • bin/insight-bootstrap-tcserver-1.8.3.RELEASE.jar
    • insight
    • lib/*
    • webapps/insight.war
  5. Edit conf/server.xml and add the following Valve to the Engine block.

    <Valve className="com.springsource.insight.collection.tcserver.request.HttpRequestOperationCollectionValve"/>

  6. Edit conf/context.xml and add the following before the closing Context tag.

    <Loader loaderClass="com.springsource.insight.collection.tcserver.ltw.TomcatWeavingInsightClassLoader" />

    <Listener className="com.springsource.insight.collection.tcserver.lifecycle.ApplicationLifecycleCollectionListener" />

  7. Start the Tomcat instance.

Alternatively, Insight Operations (a paid product) makes this much easier and offers an installer that allows you to easily and quickly add the Insight Agent into different containers, including ASF Tomcat. Here's a link to the documentation.


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Thanks a lot for the steps. Really appreciate it. I will try it out and will let you know how it went. Although, by the looks of it, I think it seems better and easier if I install appdynamics lite or new relic's free agent to do monitoring for my tomcat in dev/test/qa envt. I was playing around with AppDynamics Lite today and it is quite easy to install and get up and running with quickly. Cheers! Anuj –  Anuj Sep 17 '12 at 16:49
Thanks a lot. you saved my day. –  Balaji Paulrajan Apr 22 at 10:35

I think this instruction can be helpful for you http://blog.jelastic.com/2012/11/28/application-monitoring-in-the-cloud-with-spring-insight/ Actually in this tutorial Tomcat is a cloud instance, but I guess it is suitable for local installation too.

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