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i had try make this macro for Microsoft Project is fine if work offline but if i try make work with project server the method return error 1004 in runtime. check the code above.

Function RetornaValorCampo(NomeCampo As String)
    Dim Campo
    Campo = FieldNameToFieldConstant("NomeCampo", pjTask)
    RetornaValorCampo = ActiveProject.ProjectSummaryTask.GetField(Campo)
End Function

Tanks for any help. []'s

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You're passing NomeCampo as a parameter to the RetornaValorCampo function. When you call the FieldNameToFieldConstant function, you pass "NomeCampo" as the first argument.

Because of the " characters, "NomeCampo" will always be the string "NomeCampo" no matter what you passed in to the RetornaValorCampo function.


Campo = FieldNameToFieldConstant(NomeCampo, pjTask)

to use the parameter value that you passed in

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tanks the erro has change! –  Pedro Povoleri Sep 19 '12 at 14:46

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