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I am using below code in my spring webflow application running on weblogic server.

RequestContextHolder.getRequestContext() .getExternalContext().getNativeRequest()).getSession()

I know that RequestContextHolder uses ThreadLocal to store the requestContext during start and resume steps.

Now coming to the question is there any remote possibility that one thread may access requestContext of other thread (may be because thread is being reused by weblogic or beacuse of some other reason) ?

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Finally found root cause of threading issue, The SWF version (2.2.1) had a bug. Its ExpressionParser is not thread-safe JIRA Link. Upgarding SWF to 2.3.0 solved the issue. –  Vinayak Sep 26 '12 at 3:36

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Upgrading to SWF 2.3.0 solved the issue (data shared between threads) The SWF version (2.2.1) had a bug. Its ExpressionParser was not thread-safe (JIRA).

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