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I am updating app to make it compatible with IOS 6, getting memory warning. live bytes in instrument shows low usage (2.3 MB). In VM tracker dirty size gets around 50%. in VM Tracker type = CG Image -> dirty size increases to 100%. My app requires users to take pictures but i am not using any core graphics objects. is there a way to release CG Image dirty memory ? thank you for taking time and reviewing my request.

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Have you checked your application using heap shots to see where your memory accumulation is occurring? Live Bytes is useless as a measure of your application's total memory consumption. Instead, use Memory Monitor to observe that. – Brad Larson Sep 13 '12 at 16:13
Hi Brad, Heap shots and Memory activity monitor seems ok, Looks like app is throwing memory warning due to Virtual memory usage growing over 190MB – user1666656 Sep 13 '12 at 19:35

My app using ARC starting leaking memory very badly on iOS6 whilst it ran perfectly on iOS5. When I say "leaking", I actually mean allocating memory and then not releasing the memory properly when I removed objects from mutable arrays, causing the app's memory usage to increase dramatically.

After lots of frustration, I've managed to fix it by setting up an @autoreleasepool { ... } around the offending section.

My suspicion is that iOS6 is threading my app differently compared with iOS5, as there used to be an @autorelease pool covering that process.

I suggest you try that solution as it is very quick to implement.

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