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I have a JSF button with navigation rule in faces-config.xml:

<h:commandButton id="newzone" styleClass="lbimage" value="New Zone" action="#{bean.navigateToNewZone()}">
    <f:ajax render="@form"></f:ajax>

// Navigate to New Zone page
public int navigateToNewZone(){
    return 11472;

    <description>Navigation rule to New Zone page</description>

My question is how I can simplify the navigation? I don't want to make navigation rules into faces-config.xml. Is there way to open directly new page from the JSF button?

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Is there way to open directly new page from the JSF button?

Just use <h:button> instead of <h:commandButton>. You don't need a POST request for that at all.

<h:button value="New Zone" outcome="/NewZone.xhtml" />

Note that the new JSF 2.0 "implicit navigation" feature will implicitly use the "from-outcome" as "to-view-id", so you could indeed also use the "to-view-id" directly in <h:commandButton action> or the return value as hinted by the other answer.

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Thank you for the answer! –  Peter Penzov Sep 13 '12 at 17:01
You're welcome. But wasn't that exactly what you need? –  BalusC Sep 13 '12 at 17:03
Yes, I needed this answer. –  Peter Penzov Sep 13 '12 at 18:08

You could also use action="/NewZone.xhtml" directly without further configuration within faces-config.xml.

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