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I'm trying to write a simple django-view that returns any 'input' given from the url-field as raw text:

But i'm having a real hard time to make my reg-ex accept special chars.

Code: views.py

def urlinfo(request,info):

    return HttpResponse(str(info), content_type="text/plain")


  url(r'^urlinfo/(?P<info>[\w\+\?-_=+&]+)', urlinfo),

What i'm looking for is the possibilty to enter urls, like .../urlinfo/name=Joe&age=20

and then, later on, have my views hande it properly. But as of now, i can't get pass the reg-ex..

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name=joe&age=20 are GET parameter, which usually are entered via forms, or just append to a link. You dont need a regex for them, they are stored in request.GET dictionary.

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Sometimes it's just to easy. Sorry. –  BSG Sep 13 '12 at 13:46

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