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This the code I am using to submit form via ajax.

<?$data = $this->Js->get('#form_emp')->serializeForm(
                                            'isForm' => true,
                                            'inline' => true)
<?php echo $this->Js->submit('submit.png',
    'url' =>'/employees/update_details',
    'update' => '#update_here', 
                'async' => false,
                'method' => 'POST'

 echo $this->Form->end();

When I am doing a debug on the action post data is displayed as empty. How to fix it?

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<?php echo $this->Form->submit('submit', array('onclick'=>'post_data(); return false;')) ?>
  • return false is declared there so the button don't fire and submit/refresh the page

And then in your javascript file (or in the view if you like)

function post_data(){
   var formData = $('#form_emp').serialize();
       url: '/employees/update_details/',
       type: 'post',
       data: formData,
       success: function(response){
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