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This is quite straight forward(ish) to do is the event is 'real' as in now created by DynamicProxy, but I can't work anything out for a mocked event.

The best way to explain what I'm trying to achieve is with code, please see the comment lines in the test method:

using System;
using Moq;
using NUnit.Framework;

namespace MOQTest
    public class EventsMoqTest
        public void DetachTest()
            var hasEventMock = new Mock<IHasEvent>();

            using (var observer = new Observer(hasEventMock.Object))
                 //Assert that hasEventMock.Object has handler attached

            //Assert that hasEventMock.Object DOES NOT have handler attached

    public interface IHasEvent
        event EventHandler AnEvent;

    public class Observer : IDisposable
        private readonly IHasEvent _hasEvent;
        private readonly EventHandler _hasEventOnAnEvent;

        public Observer(IHasEvent hasEvent)
            _hasEvent = hasEvent;

            _hasEventOnAnEvent = _hasEvent_AnEvent;
            _hasEvent.AnEvent += _hasEventOnAnEvent;

        void _hasEvent_AnEvent(object sender, EventArgs e)

        public void Dispose()
            _hasEvent.AnEvent -= _hasEventOnAnEvent;
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Unfortunately, you can't. This isn't really a moq issue, but the way the C# event keyword works with delegates. See this SO answer for more information.

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