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I am trying to use the Synonyms functionality in opensearchserver ( i have created a list for instance, ipod, i-pod, i pod => ipod, i-pod, i pod It is not working. can any one tell me how to make it work with opensearchserver.

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Share some code with us please :) ? – Morten Jensen Sep 30 '12 at 23:07

Here is the process to setup synonyms in OpenSearchServer.

  1. Create the synonym list in the tab panel /Schema/synonyms. One line per group of equivalent words separated by commas:


ipod,i pod,epod,e pod
opensearchserver,open search server
  1. Setup the analyzers to use the synonym list.

    • Go to the tab panel /Schema/Analyzers.
    • Edit the analyzer which will handle the synonyms. If you use the default schema template you should edit the StandardAnalyzer. Here is a screenshot capture which show the correct setup. To be multi-term aware, we have to add a shingle filter to build group of words. the synonym filter.
  2. Reindex your data.

You can now search for ipod, i-pod, epod, e-pod, and find any ipod!

Remark: I removed the dash version (i-pod) because when you use the StandardAnalyzer, the dash are already ignored.enter image description here

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