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I'm trying to decode an FLV's audio to a playable format. I attempted to use this SO post: FMS FLV to mp3.. as an example, but my FLV is encoded in Speex.

I have compiled ffmpeg with --enable-libspeex on a Fedora 15 machine.

I believe this can be done with ffmpeg but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do it.

Any thoughts? Thanks

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Your ffmpeg needs to be configured with --enable-libspeex to support Speex decoding. Since you did not provide your OS I can not give any more specific instructions. Once you have a build of ffmpeg that can decode speex the most simple command would be:

ffmpeg -i input.flv output.wav
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while reencoding flv file (speex to mp3) if you get sample rate error try this:

ffmpeg -i c:\in.flv -acodec libmp3lame -ar 44100 -vcodec copy c:\out.flv
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It does not matter what your input. As long as you have the decoder and encoder enabled in your ffmpeg it will do it.

ffmpeg -i inputfile.flv -acodec libmp3lame any_other_parameters_you_want -vcodec copy out.flv 

will do the trick.

run ffmpeg -codecs to see the codecs supported and ffmpeg -formats to see the formats supported in your install.

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