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I have a "Label" control on my form which is being populated via jquery. My problem however, is I need to return my string with html tags, but my label doesn't seem to recognize html. Here's my control:

<label id="comment"></label>

And here's how I'm working with it in javascript:

var comment;
comment = $("#comment");
comment.text("<b>Please scan an <br/>item!</b>");

In the above code, the html in my string is ignored. Is there any way I can get my form to recognize the returned html tags?


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Use the html function :

comment.html("<b>Please scan an <br/>item!</b>");
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Specifically, the text function deliberately escapes the string so it renders correctly in html. As a result, things like <b> get converted to &lt;b&gt; – Dave Rager Sep 13 '12 at 14:36

try comment.html("<b>Please scan an <br/>item!</b>");

You could also use document.getElementById("comment").innerHTML = "<b>Please scan an <br/>item!</b>";

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comment.html("<b>Please scan an <br/>item!</b>");
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It's the same problem as the question! – Ashwin kumar Sep 13 '12 at 14:31

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