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function ClientDate(item) {
        if(item.value == "")
            return false;
        var today = new Date(doc.findItem('stop_date').value);
        var cDate = new Date(item.value);
        var fDate = new Date().setDate(today.getDate()+45);
        //alert("Stop Date is "+fDate.toString());
        //alert("client Date is "+cDate.toString());
        if (cDate < fDate){
            alert("WARNING: date should be at least 45 days from today.");
            item.value = "";
            return false;
        return true

xml code

<row height="17">
  <text x="1" width="94" height="16" align="left">Corrected by Date:</text>
  <edit x="86" width="70" height="16" id="stop_date5" onchange="fixdate(this,true);" readonly="yes" maxlength="10" />
  <edit type="button" x="158" width="55" height="16" id="calendar_doc_select" align="center" 
   onclick="doc.findItem('stop_date').value=PC.popupCalendar(, 'stop_date');"> Calendar</edit>

My question is how do I populate from a hidden field? For example, if the hidden field is populated with 45 days from 9/1/12 it would be 10/15/12.

the hidden field id is 'client_date2'

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to get the hidden field value:

var hidden_value = document.getElementById('client_date2').getAttribute('value');

to set the value of the field:

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