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A Adobe Flex issue...

I'm attaching a microphone to a NetStream, but there is no mic activity. The privacy is set to Allow, the microphone.muted is false and the activity level is -1.

Only when I open the flash settings, and open the Microphone tab, it starts to dispatch the Activity events, and it starts to stream the audio.

Also, when I start to loopBack it starts working. But I don't want loopBack.

Did you have the same problem? I hope I was clear.

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could you post your code? – evilpenguin Aug 7 '09 at 18:43
Well, I would like... but the code is huge and it's not opensource :P – Eric Aug 7 '09 at 19:12

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Are you sure you called getMicrophone properly? The documentation clearly states:

If the microphone is available but is not yet being used because Microphone.getMicrophone() has not been called, this property is set to -1.

You have to initialize the microphone, like so: myMic = Microphone.getMicrophone().

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Yes I'm sure, it works perfectly in the last stable version. Now I will remove the activity event handlers and go back some versions. SVN is a huge help, but there is nothing evident what I messed up... – Eric Aug 7 '09 at 19:08
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Ok, I found what is the problem!

Just before I attached the microphone to the NetStream object, I was doing setLoopBack(false)

When I commented that code it started streaming the audio right away.

I have done that because in some test versions I needed to LoopBack. I was stuck because I was setting loopback to false. I just needed to comment it.

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