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I'm creating charts using ggplot2 inside ODFWeave code chunks. I am setting the ODFWeave dimensions to 5x5in, but the graphs are being created at 480x480 px which looks like a default. How can I make these larger and match them to the ODF size to get a good quality print?

ODFWeave Options:

imageDefs <- getImageDefs()
imageDefs$dispWidth <- 5
imageDefs$dispHeight<- 5

Code snippet in weave doc:

<<ClosureGraph, echo = FALSE, fig = TRUE>>= 
   #function returns a ggplot obj.
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Might be useful for someone to create a tag for ODFWeave – paulusm Sep 13 '12 at 15:13
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Thanks to the package manager for pointing out that we can use plotWidth and Height to do this, e.g:

imageDefs <- getImageDefs()
imageDefs$dispWidth <- 4
imageDefs$dispHeight<- 4
imageDefs$plotWidth <- 800
imageDefs$plotHeight<- 800

This is done before issues the odfWeave command

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